Challenge Accepted !!!

Lol so true !

Lol so true !

Talk about challenge, Ha usually I like a good challenge I like to push myself further than I think I can go. But let me tell you about my least favorite challenge of them all. This blog assigment.. As weird as it may sound I love to write and express my feelings, but ehhhh I’m not to fond of people reading my writings or having to post them on the internet. In my english class we are required to create a blog and post atleast three times a week. Ok no biggie right that doesn’t sound to hard, oh wait I forgot to mention that the blog has a theme and you get prompts to follow everyday :/ urghhhhh what?? You want me to write three times a week to different prompts that follow my theme?? Ok I think I can do that, wait I have more for you to do you have to comment on six different blogs that six different people in your class wrote, oh and comment on 12 strangers blogs too.

Ha did I say challenge excepted do I have the option to go back and deny it ?? No ? I guess you right its required as a grade. Lol maybe it wouldn’t be such a challenge for me if I can just get on a write whenever I want about anything I want. I had a difficult time staying on track with my blogs postings and finding things to say for each prompt but I think I did a pretty good job for my first time blogging. I might even pick up blogging as hobby now since people have actually read my blogs and showed intrest in what I was talking about.


Aghhhh talk about being aggravated !

This is totally me , the week of finals

This is totally me , the week of finals

Blah Finals :/

Blah Finals :/

Ughhhhhh do you ever have those days were you just want to be left alone and shut the whole world out ?? I do ! Like today was one of those days!!! The first day of finals :'(… Even though I only had two finals today, they controlled my entire mood for the first part of my day. I was on edge and very snappy and stressing. Luckily I when I completed one of them I felt ehhh pretty condfident that I did well, and the other I didn’t finish so
my teacher is letting me come in tomorrow to finish it.

Don’t you hate those kids who only coming to class during finals weeks? And then have the nerves to sit next to you and ask to work together on the test.. I had this happen to me today and the girl never speaks to me outside of class and never comes to class and asked to cheat off of me ? Ummm b**tch please lol this really grinded all of my gears, like you expect to cheat off me and get a good grade for never coming to class and taking your own notes, I don’t think so..

I asked my boyfriend to make me feel better about my day and make me laugh but all he did was put me in an even pissier(yea I made that up) mood. Asking all questions that I didn’t care to answer.

Lol but now as I’m writing this I am feeling a lot better and only have easy finals left then I get to go home 🙂

Winter break where are you ?? :(

STL in the winter time :)

STL in the winter time 🙂

Aweeee I cannot wait to go home this thursday!!! Going home for Thanksgiving break was such a tease, I love how we get an entire month off for winter break though. Even though Thanksgiving break was just 2 weeks ago I’m ready to go back home already. I’m ready to just get this semester over and start over with next semester.

I’m excited to see my family and my boyfriend again and I’m excited to eat REAL food and not that nasty stuff they call food from the union. Christmas time is my favorite season although I don’t like the cold winds and snow, this season always makes me happy. I can’t wait to do all those sappy love story things with my boyfriend like go ice skating and to see the lights downtown or to even have a snowball fight. Lol I’m such a girl right ? I wanna sit up on the couch and watch the 25 days of Christmas countdown on ABC while drinking hot chocoalte.

Aweee I miss my mommy and sister so much, I can’t wait to go back home so I can get on there nerves. Lol
I also am excited to get back home to see my old highschool dance team perform at the basketball games.

Lol although this is my second year here at Northwest and living in Maryville I still haven’t adapted to the fact that there is nothing to do here, I rather be back home in St. Louis doing nothing then to be here. I have been counting down for winter break since the school started back in August. Lol I’m sure when I get home someone is going to piss me off and make me wish I was back here and school but this break I’m going to try to avoid that feeling. Although its Sunday, the end of Sunday that is Thursday is not coming fast enough, come on Winter break !!!

The downfall of social media :/

My twitter page. Lol it's ridiculous how many tweets I have.

My twitter page. Lol it’s ridiculous how many tweets I have.

Who would have thought that I would ever be sitting here admiting that I was addicted to social media like twitter and instagram for instance. Twittter and Instagram create a huge diversion for me everytime I’m suppose to be studying or doing homework. It’s just so easy for me to put my books down and pick up my phone and make a tweet, post pictures or just scroll up and down my timeline waiting for something new to pop up.

Social media is constanly upgrading and adding new things like vine. Well its not new new but I’m just now getting addicted to it. I can remember one day my roommate and I was getting ready for midterms and was studying and actually keeping up a pretty good pace with studying a taking breaks. On one of our breaks we sat down in front her computer screen and got los in time watching vines for hours and hours till about 1:00 in the morning, seriously this happened.

One of these days I am going to put myself on a social media fast and see how well my study habbits and grades improve i’m sure it would be a whole lot. Ha yea right only way I will give up social media is if my grades started slipping because of it.

Oh and feel free to follow me on twitter and instagram @_ChassidyLove

Heal me please!

http:// “You probably have a basic understanding of how modern medicine works: People have a yearly checkup, take medicine when they’re sick, get a cast if they break a bone, and they’re good as new.”( Now a days people would rather be healed from “natural” products and remedies than going to a doctor. The popularity of such procedures such as acupuncture and the use of herbs.

“Eastern countries have a longstanding tradition of teaching alternative medicine. But until recently, most Western hospitals didn’t provide any alternative treatments and Western medical schools didn’t teach them.
Patients in Western countries are becoming more receptive to trying alternative techniques, and have been asking for them. As a result, many Western medical schools are starting to teach these medicine techniques and theories. Some hospitals and doctors are supplementing their regular medical care with alternative techniques.”( So according to article you can see that more people are starting to prefer natural/alternative remedies over the western practice of medicine and visiting doctors.

As formyself I don’t have a prefernece because I don’t like to take medicine or go to the hospital. I would rather thug it out and feel better on my own. If need be I would take an aleeve and call it a day, because i’m for damn sure not sticking no needles in my body.

When will it stop??

http:// a young black woman I still to do this day find it down right distasteful how one can be so judge mental. Being “natural” I often hear why do you wear your hair that way or hear things about other natural women like why is her hair so big and nappy. Well I can only speak for myself I enjoy wearing my hair in it’s natural state and not putting a lot of heat and weaves in my head, rather people know it or not keeping all that mess in your hair just breaks it off and makes it unhealty.

A story that really touched me and made me upset was the seven year old Tiana who attended a school in Tulsa was kicked out of school for wearing her hair in dreadlocks. “Parker, who’s a barber, said school officials at Deborah Brown told him Tiana’s hair didn’t look presentable.” The school doesn’t allow dreadlocks, afros, mohawks and other faddish styles. Like really why would such styles be band at the school especially a elementary school. I don’t understand why such stereotypes still exist, it’s a shame. Parker was so upset with how the school treated Tiana that he pulled her out of that school and put her into a new one. “Tiana, a straight A student, wears a different school uniform now, but the same hair style, which looks perfectly fine according to her new school.” Tiana was hurt and wished the school with have let her keep her dreads without a problem.

Sisters in Service

My fall pledge class!

My fall pledge class!

In high school I was very involved in a variety of activites, when I got to college my freshmen year I was only involved in one organization I told my self that next year I would get more involved. Here it is next year and I joined one of the best organizations here on campus and that’s Sigma Society. Sigma Society is a service organization consisting of college, junior college, and university students. Opal Eckert and the women of Millikan Hall founded the Northwest Missouri State University Sigma Society Chapter April 19, 1970. Any woman attending Northwest is eligible for membership. It provides a way for women interested in enriching their college experience to become involved in meaningful activities which will benefit others. The colors of the organization are blue and gold with the mascot being a duckling and a gyber daisy as the Sigma Society flower.

I joined Sigma Society because I love doing different service activites and having a group I can share my intersts with. This semester I completed a total of 20 services hours, some of the things that helped me earn those hours were: apple picking, highway cleanup, selling homecoming tshirts, turkey trot, basketball with the special olympic team and many more. In joining Sigma Society I have a gained sisters that I can go to for anything.

If your interested in joining this awesome organization be looking out for flyers next semester. 🙂